Our mission with ClimateLab™ is to preserve our farmers’ livelihoods and the future of organic produce in the face of global climate change.

When we started farming in 1980, weather patterns were predictable. Coastal California summers were cool and foggy. Baja California winters were dry and tropical summer storms recharged water resources. We planted our crops with confidence year after year.

Today, the rise in frequency and magnitude of climate-related events—fires, extreme temperatures and drought—are putting our farmers, the vulnerable communities in which they live and work, and the world’s organic food production systems at risk.

As these impacts become increasingly evident, our call to action is clear: it is our newfound responsibility to build an inclusive and climate-resistant food system by evolving our farming practices to adapt to the changing climate.

One Year of ClimateLab™

Now in its second year, our ClimateLab™ team is making important strides in understanding how we can do our part to mitigate climate change and protect our future. We’re sharing what we’re working on now and what’s on the horizon.

Healthy Soils

Fostering healthy soils is a key part of our mission. Through science and the belief that the answer to a brighter future is right under our feet, we are harnessing the incredible power of soil to help save the planet.

Sustainable Packaging

We are committed to reducing our plastic impact in favor of more sustainable materials. This year alone, our new paperboard pack is projected to reduce company plastic waste by half a million pounds.

Gender Equality

We believe it is our responsibility to address the different challenges for gender equality in the context of a changing climate.