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The perfect dish in spring or fall. The acorn squash shape makes it a perfect bowl! Check out our recipes for an Acorn Squash recipe.



Also known as the patty pan. Our squash is available throughout the winter and into the spring. Its unique taste is buttery and mellow. They are perfect for baking or even freshly sliced with dip.



Often confused as a vegetable, Zucchinis are part of the squash family. They’re a summer time crop and available year around. Wonderfully tasty and crisp.

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Our spaghetti squash has the look and feel of a pasta dish but a surprisingly different and unique flavor. It tastes great cut in half, baked, and paired with garlic and chicken.

Find Our Squash

Our squash is sold in grocery stores and specialty markets across the the United States and Canada. If you can't find our squash at your favorite local store, ask them to start carrying us!

Useful Tip

Storing Tomatoes

To refrigerate or not to refrigerate, that is the question.

When storing tomatoes you must fight the urge to place them in the fridge right away. It’s a common misunderstanding that tomatoes need to be refrigerated immediately. They are best kept at room temperature, which allows the fruit to fully ripen and the sugars fully develop. When tomatoes are placed in the fridge it stops the ripening process and makes the tomato lose flavor.

However, if your tomatoes are fully ripe and getting on the soft side and you’re one to not let food go to waste, placing them in the fridge will enable you to get a few more days out of them. It’s a balancing act, so just remember, if you just purchased them leave on the counter and when they start getting soft it's time to move them to the fridge!

Storing Tomatoes

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