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Acorn squash is most commonly baked or roasted, though it can also be steamed or sautéed—making it extremely versatile. Because of its bowl-like cross-section, acorn squash is ideal for stuffing.
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Sweet, moist and nutty tasting, the flavor of butternut squash resembles that of a sweet potato. Roast or puree for sweet comfort!

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With a delicate skin or rind, this squash is 100% edible, which means it doesn’t require peeling. Cut thin and roast with olive oil and Jacobs Farm Organic Rosemary.

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Kabocha Squash has a flavor similar to butternut and a texture like that of a pumpkin and sweet potato combined. Delicious roasted, mashed, or in soups.

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Cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, roast it, use a fork to scrape the strands, and enjoy this pasta impostor.

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Mild, with a hint of vegetable sweetness. Grill, roast, or sauté—there's no wrong way to prepare a straightneck.



Also known as the patty pan. Our squash is available throughout the winter and into the spring. Its unique taste is buttery and mellow. They are perfect for baking or even freshly sliced with dip.



Often confused as a vegetable, Zucchinis are part of the squash family. They’re a summer time crop and available year around. Wonderfully tasty and crisp.

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Our squash is sold in grocery stores and specialty markets across the United States and Canada. If you can't find our squash at your favorite local store, ask them to start carrying us!

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