Eat Your Fruit and Veg — You'll Feel Better Mentally, Not Just Physically

This week a large-scale analysis established that an overall healthier diet may reduce symptoms of depression. Another new study reaches a matching conclusion, finding that eating more fruit and veg is linked to a boost in mental wellbeing.

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A Recent Study Raises the Question — "Eat organic, lower cancer risk by 25%?"

A recent study shows that those who consume the most organic food have a 25% lower chance of facing a newly diagnosed cancer.

Santa Barbara Farmers Market Beets

Plastic Mardi Gras Beads Could Soon Be a Thing of the Past

The iconic New Orleans party favors are getting an eco-friendly makeover.


Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Shares Tomato Market Update

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo is experiencing record high yields of organic sugar plum, cherry, rubies on the vine and mixed tomatoes available now through early spring from the company’s Del Cabo brand.

Mixed Medley

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Introduces New Hot Pepper Pack

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo, a leader in organic and sustainable farming of fresh herbs and vegetables out of the Central Coast of California and Mexico, has introduced Cabo Diablo Hot Pepper Medley from its Del Cabo brand.

Cabo Diablo Labeled Bag
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