How to Chop a Chile

Capsaicin is the naturally occurring chemical in peppers that makes them spicy and the amount of capsaicin determines the heat level. The most concentrated buildup of this chemical can be found in the white fleshy membrane and seeds—therefore when cutting peppers be sure to remove the seeds and inner membrane unless, of course, you love some extra spice!

To do so, slice the stem where the curvature intersects the mass of the pepper. Then cut the pepper in half vertically and carefully remove the small seeds and the white membrane. By doing so you are ensuring a more pleasant pepper experience.

Upon removal of innards, the pepper is free to be diced, sliced, or stuffed in whatever manner you choose!

But, always remember to wash your hands after cutting chiles, as the residue may irritate your skin or eyes. In the event, this does happen, a simple soap scrub should suffice.

Happy chile chopping!

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