How to Cut a Del Cabo Organic Mango

Mangoes may look smooth and round, but every mango has a bump on the flat side of the fruit, towards the tip. Locating that bump is the first step to cutting a mango with ease.

Set the tip of the mango on a sturdy cutting board, so the stem points straight up. Look for the bump and align it toward you - this places the large seed inside the mango perpendicular to you. Slice the mango just to the right of the stem, curving slightly away to follow the shape of the seed, and continue cutting straight down. You should have almost one complete side of the mango. Now rotate the mango and slice, in the same manner, to slice off the second side.

To cut the mango into smaller pieces, you can either slice each side into wedges and then cut the mango away from the skin, or you can score the flesh criss-cross, and then cut the squares from the skin.

... and ENJOY!

Del Cabo Organic Kent Mangos

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