Making Mango Magic

We’ll never tire of hearing “these are the best mangos I’ve ever tasted!” But what makes our mangos so special?

Nearly all mangos consumed in the United States are imported from Latin America: Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, and Mexico. In these tropical climates, fruit flies are the primary pest. The United States has tried to curb the accidental import of these pests by mandating a preventative quarantine. The most common form of quarantine currently being used is a hot water treatment.

In this process, water is heated to around 115°F and mixed with a chlorine sanitizer. Mangos sit in this bath until pulp temperature is high enough to kill off potential pests and larvae. Since 1987 this has been common practice for nearly all mangos.

This bath has shown clear links to decreased quality. Poor cooling after hot water treatment is one of the primary reasons for poor mango quality and loss of shelf life.

A Different Mango

Del Cabo's organic and Fair Trade certified Kent mangos are grown exclusively in Baja California, Mexico—which has uniquely been designated a pest-free area, and therefore free from the required hot water treatment for mango export.

This undipped fruit that is fully tree-ripened under the desert sun means our Baja farmers consistently deliver an exceptional mango in its most natural form, with creamy flesh, rich fragrance, higher sugars, and enhanced flavors.

Meet Martin, a Del Cabo Organic Mango grower based in San Jose del Cabo.

In addition, your purchase of these organic, Fair Trade certified mangos have provided cafeterias, improved transportation, and scholarship programs to the families of our Del Cabo family farms.

The only thing that tastes sweeter than Del Cabo organic mangos is knowing that every bite supports the people and the earth that brought it to you—today and far into the future.

Del Cabo Cooperative

The Del Cabo farming cooperative was launched in 1986 with the goal of helping create economic opportunities for small scale farmers in rural Baja California.