Jacobs Farm del Cabo Spring Market Update

May 2019

Spring has sprung in both California and Mexico for Jacobs Farm del Cabo farms, who are experiencing an upsurge in the availability of fresh herbs for the next foreseeable weeks. Fresh organic herbs including basil, spearmint, thyme, and oregano have made a rebound from the winter weather and we are now experiencing high volumes of availability.

Greg Rawlings, Organic Grower, says “with the spring weather in California, quality and availability of many herbs have greatly improved. We are seeing better yields and longer shelf life with plenty of product as chances of rain diminish. Warmer weather herbs are coming from our Del Cabo partners as they move into new growth areas that extend their season, thus increasing Jacobs Farm’s overall herb volume and stability of supply.”

The exceptionally high volume of organic basil is available from the California growing areas under the Jacobs Farm brand and is also available under the Del Cabo brand as Fair Trade.

"Just in time for Springtime events such as the Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day—our fresh herbs and colorful edible flowers are perfect to support crowd-pleasing recipes," says Kyla Oberman, Marketing Manager.

In addition to high yields of organic herbs available now through the summer months, the company is offering fresh organic White, Yellow, and Red Onions. These Del Cabo branded organic onions are field fresh and springtime cured, available now through June.

We have Organic Herbs!

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