How to Peel & Prepare Fresh Ginger

Preparing large gnarly ginger hands can be daunting, but peeling them is actually quite easy—all you need is a metal spoon!

Hold a piece of ginger root firmly in one hand and the bowl of a metal spoon firmly in the other.

Scrape the edge of the spoon against the ginger to peel off the skin. Rotate the ginger root, peeling only as much as you anticipate using; the remaining ginger will last longer if it is stored with the skin on.

After peeling, mince, slice, or grate the ginger depending on your preparation:

  1. Chop or mince ginger if you want texture as well as flavor. When julienned, ginger is crispy and chewy.
  2. Grate ginger when you want to add strong aromatics and pungent flavor to your food.

Once cut, keep the remaining root in the fridge or freezer—depending on the anticipated length of storage.