A Story of Cooperation

Long before joining the Jacobs Farm Del Cabo family many of the families in the Tepentú region struggled to make ends meet. They sold livestock and charcoal. The charcoal was made from local vegetation, mainly mesquite trees, which took a toll on the local habitat.

Today, Tepentú has grown tremendously and continues to grow every year. They cultivate tomatoes, squash, cucumber, and basil and now employ 60 permanent employees and up to 200 seasonal employees from local communities. The "Sociedad de Solidaridad" has an elected leadership team, specialized tasks are shared across ranches, and revenue is shared. Important farm management activities such as fertilization and food safety are handled by a single designated team.

See the full story here: https://tilth.org/stories/tepentu/

“Organic agriculture has been a huge benefit for us and the community...This organic farming culture that we live every day is one we want to continue to live for generations to come.”

An Organic Tomorrow

Jacobs Farm del Cabo Co-Founders, Larry Jacobs & Sandra Belin, were recently interviewed by AndNowUKnow.