Organic Agriculture Could Reduce the Spread of Pathogens

Organic Farming is known to support more biodiversity than conventional farming.

Conventional Farmers often categorize critters as pests and aim to suppress them by removing natural habitat in favor of a more simplified landscape.

"While this more simplified vision of farmland may threaten biodiversity and reduce crucial ecosystem services like pollination, it’s nevertheless seen as an essential move for food safety.

Yet, the new study actually reveals the opposite, showing that as wild habitat disappears, so too do microbes and insects–like the ever-industrious dung beetle–which can actually help to eradicate pathogens from the soil."

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By Emma Bryce

Organic Farming Basics

Growing food organically blends the oldest methods of agriculture with recent advances in soil science and a deep understanding of ecology. Using methods that start by building soil fertility, organic farming creates healthy ecosystems that deliver their own pest- and disease management solutions.