Changing the Supply - Retail Relationship

Featured in AndNowUKnow - April 14, 2020 - Written by Chandler James

The imbalance between supply and demand is inarguably one of the largest challenges our industry has faced as of late. From everyday staples flying off the shelves to more specialty products being left by the wayside, growers and retailers are working every day to restore the stability of our supply chain. Supplier relationships are inherently changing, and Jacobs Farm del Cabo is working overtime to navigate this new climate.

Aaron Brookes, Director of Sales and Marketing, Jacobs Farm del Cabo“We sell a broad offering of organic vegetables and culinary herbs into retail, foodservice, and home delivery markets,” explained Aaron Brookes, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our focus right now is aligning product investment and distribution strategies with rapidly changing markets, a challenge given the current unpredictably of supply and demand dynamics.”

Now more than ever, consumers are going to the grocery store only out of necessity. They are sticking to their lists and focused on getting in and out quickly. For retailers, creating opportunities for impulse buys is critical to the success of many “non-essential” items.

Supplier relationships are inherently changing, and Jacobs Farm del Cabo is working overtime to navigate this new climate. Marketing Coordinator Wylie Bird suggests that retailers can encourage joyful and fun eating experiences through strategic merchandising. By highlighting unique health attributes of fresh, healthy organic produce, grocers can leverage their in-store displays and social media campaigns to drive sales to these products. Jacobs Farm del Cabo’s niche items are the perfect go-to for these displays as specialty items force the home chef out of their comfort zone and help to mix up the mundane. Wylie Bird, Marketing Coordinator, Jacobs Farm del Cabo“

Build trust around brands
by adding more communication about the grower,” said Wylie. “Go digital—retailers can add to their digital toolbox with ‘Live’ video clips from the farm that share messages from the growers, distribution centers, and loading docks. Now is the time to show all the hard work and effort that goes into bringing a product to the shelf.”

And while there are different tactics to be tested at retail, grower partnerships have the power to add value in various ways. Jacobs Farm del Cabo is a valuable partner most specifically because it is incredibly unique.

Jacobs Farm del Cabo noted that at a time when shoppers are focused on getting in and out of the store quickly, creating opportunities for impulse buys is critical to the success of "non-essential" items

“Making the sale is not our bottom line. Making the sale that helps promote healthy soils, healthy plants, and healthy people is. We strongly believe that our priority as growers is sustainable farming and out of that producing healthy, organic fresh herbs, tomatoes, and vegetables that benefit the health of those that enjoy it,” Aaron concluded. “This message resonates with our customers and consumers alike, and the more we can spread the message of healthy soils and healthy eating the better off we will all be, including our planet.”

We have strength in numbers, so consider forming new partnerships as the impact of this pandemic continues to take shape.

A Message Regarding COVID-19

The health and safety of our families and yours are of utmost importance, especially during this challenging time. As we all monitor the status and effects COVID-19 has on us all, we feel strongly that we will get to other side of this – together.

Our family of over 1,200 small family farms and hardworking staff is committed to safely delivering nutritious fresh food that you and your family need. Thankfully, there are no known risks around the coronavirus being transmitted via food according to both the CDC and FDA; rather risk is linked to human interaction. Nevertheless, we are doubling down on our already strict health and safety practices to ensure we continue to deliver healthy, organic and nutritious produce.

At Jacobs Farm Del Cabo our mission of healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy people is more important than ever. Above all, we need to take care of ourselves, our families and each other.

Be well.