Less Plastic for Our Planet

Jacobs Farm del Cabo is excited to introduce our newest paper-based pack as an alternative to single-use plastic clamshells. In this year alone, the new paperboard pack is projected to reduce our plastic waste by half a million pounds!

The introduction of paper-based clamshells is part of our steady and multifaceted shift away from plastic toward more sustainable materials, and we’re proud to announce that our new paperboard pack is as clean and green as it gets!

The pack is made with 100% recycled paperboard and provides a clear view of the bright and flavorful product inside with a plant-based, cellulose window that is certified compostable both commercially AND at home!

Meet the newest edition to our packaging lineup: the del Cabo paperboard pack!

Along with an internal commitment to sustainability, we are inspired to do better by our eco-conscious shoppers. We know that now more than ever, our organic-lovers are connected, aware, and seeking real and tangible evidence of social and environmental responsibility from their beloved brands. Sustainability has always been a critical part of our mission and we are excited to share and act on these common core values.

Our desire to reduce our plastic impact extends to our farming practices as well, where we continue to explore alternatives for traditional plastic mulch. Our Northern California farms use a flaming process that exposes weed seedlings to high heat, organically ridding our fields of unwanted weeds (see it in action here!). A similar and promising steaming process is currently undergoing trials in our California organic basil greenhouses and is proving promising!

Flaming in action at our Martial Cottle Park ranch!

Since 1980, our mission has always been to grow great-tasting, organic food in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. Our del Cabo paperboard pack was born from this core mission to protect the long-term health of our planet—and we have so much more on the horizon!

Helping Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

Jacobs Farm del Cabo is addressing climate change with a new program that identifies climate-related challenges for vulnerable smallholder farms and develops solutions to mitigate these risks—ensuring their farms can thrive far into the future.