We are always looking for opportunities to positively shape our communities and our environment. Our partnership with Wilder State Park in Santa Cruz County is a great example of our ongoing efforts.

We have been farming at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz for many years. This California State Park is located right on the coast with beautiful and spectacular views. Our partnership with Wilder is based on giving back to the environment in a positive, sustainable way.

We practice crop rotation, we refrain from using pesticides, and we give back to the soil by using compost and farm fuel. We’re not thinking of this season or even the next. We want this land to be fertile for generations to come. If we just take and take from the land it will eventually catch up with us all.

We believe in giving back to the environment and this location allows us to do just that.

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo and the California State Parks are both committed to preserving beautiful landscapes for generations to come, making our collaboration a perfect fit.