The Original Jacobs Farm

Pescadero, California

Jacobs Farm began its journey on a 30-acre plot of land in Pescadero, California in 1980. This small town is located halfway between Santa Cruz and Pacifica and is only reachable by one-lane coastal highway.

As you turn to snake inland you are greeted by a sign that reads simply "Historic Pescadero, est 1856"

Once past this sign, you are transported back to simpler times.

The town of Pescadero is in no way pretentious. The downtown hub spans only about 300 feet but contains all the essentials: a bakery, grocers, fresh flower u-pick, and an antique/coffee shop combo. If you are ever craving that warm "small-town feeling" that makes your heart feel at home, this spot is for you.

We drive through this town center as we move upward into the lush green hills—passing pastures filled with horses, cows, and goats. Once you begin to smell the minty, pine scent of eucalyptus you know you're close!


Two peacocks roam the farm freely—often startling you with their high pitched screeches and the occasional ruffle of tailfeathers.

A Special Building for a Special Place

The main hub of all Pescadero operations lies in the center of the farm. With large windows jutting out from both ends, this building resembles a greenhouse and fits in well among the lush hillsides and rows.

Steps for Sustainability

The surrounding hills have been terraced for more effective production. Terraced fields decrease both erosion and surface runoff, and support sustainable irrigation.

Rosemary terraces

What We Grow

Our Pescadero farm is an herb hub. While rosemary represents a majority of production, we also grow bay leaves, lavender, and edible flowers. The coastal Mediterranean climate of Pescadero provides perfectly for these woody herbs.

Meet Hector, who has been with the company for 20+ years.

Panoramic Views

Of course, production is a priority, but these beautiful panoramic views are a major bonus.

The Pescadero plot has been with Jacob Farm since our founding in 1980—it is our original farm and will always hold a special place in our history and hearts.