Top 10 Grocery Store Shopping Tips to Stay Healthy

1. Only visit the grocery store when essential and only buy what is essential

  • Be creative with what you have on hand before going to the store for more. It is easy to overbuy during these anxious times, but try to refrain! There is enough food for everyone as long as we keep shopping patterns consistent.

2. Disinfect your reusable grocery bags

  • Many stores no longer allow the use of reusable bags, due to fear of contamination. However, if you are able to—make sure to wash and disinfect your bags thoroughly between trips!

3. Help reduce store crowding

  • A shopping trip out can be a fun way to get the family out of the house, however, the California Grocers Association strongly recommends against bringing extra people into the store during this time.

4. Practice social distancing in the store (or two grocery carts of space!)

  • Most stores are limiting the number of shoppers to avoid crowding—despite this, shoppers should still aim to keep 6 feet away from others. As most carts are 3 feet long, use two carts as a tool to help practice safe social distancing.

5. Inspect produce with your eyes, not your hands

  • While we all usually handle fruits and veggies to find the most perfect one, now is the time to refrain. To avoid unnecessary handling of fruit and vegetables, use a produce bag to make your selection.

6. Avoid unnecessary handling of all items

  • Produce isn't the only grocery store aisle where shoppers like to inspect their items! Try not to pick up cans or boxes or other products unless you plan to buy. Let your eyes guide your choice.

7. Don’t crowd the check stand

  • Continue to practice social distancing throughout the entire store—and always use contactless payment if possible.

8. Treat grocery employees with kindness

  • Grocery store workers are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, helping to keep communities alive and fed in uncertain and frightening times; take a moment to say thank you and express appreciation for their sacrifice.

9. Be aware of your store’s special hours or procedures

  • Many grocers are offering special shopping hours exclusively for seniors or other vulnerable populations. Check out your store’s website or call in advance.

10. Allow for extra time

  • With increased precaution comes increased wait time. Be patient and prepared for your grocery shopping to take longer than usual.

Read the California Grocers Association's full article HERE

A Message to Our Customers Regarding COVID-19

The health and safety of our families and yours are of utmost importance, especially during this challenging time. As we all monitor the status and effects COVID-19 has on us all, we feel strongly that we will get to other side of this – together.

Our family of over 1,200 small family farms and hardworking staff is committed to safely delivering nutritious fresh food that you and your family need. Thankfully, there are no known risks around the coronavirus being transmitted via food according to both the CDC and FDA; rather risk is linked to human interaction. Nevertheless, we are doubling down on our already strict health and safety practices to ensure we continue to deliver healthy, organic and nutritious produce.

At Jacobs Farm Del Cabo our mission of healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy people is more important than ever. Above all, we need to take care of ourselves, our families and each other.

Be well.