Pushing for Change

Did you know that your organic produce might not be truly pesticide-free?

That’s according to a new Consumer Reports analysis of five years of data from the Department of Agriculture, collected from tests on fruits and vegetables to detect about 450 pesticides. In some cases, those levels exceed what CR’s experts consider safe.

Consumer Reports - Stop Eating Pesticides

Most organic growers play by the rules and are honest — but, as demand for organic food increases and economic incentives loom large, it is inevitable there will be cracks in the system.

Check out what our founder, Larry Jacobs, has to say about this growing issue within the organic industry and why Jacobs Farm del Cabo supports the push for further regulation and enforcement.

Hygeia - Guest Blog: Organic Food & Pesticide Residues, One Grower’s Perspective

Will erosion in the integrity of certified organic food undermine consumer confidence in, and demand for organic produce?
Larry Jacobs, Co-Founder

Our Mission

We believe in promoting health from the ground up. Healthy soil produces healthy crops, which in turn allows for a healthier lifestyle. Organic farming is also a healthier choice for farmers, their families, and their communities.

We are vigorous promoters of environmental, social, and economic sustainability because these practices ensure the ongoing health of our planet and its people.