Reckless Farming is Destroying the Planet. Regenerative Organic Agriculture Could Save It.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

"Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. Regenerative Agriculture aims to capture carbon in soil and aboveground biomass, reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation."

Why is Regenerative Agriculture Important?

"Climate change is here and it's a clear and present danger to our entire planet." This problem is exacerbated by large scale farming operations that participate in unsustainable practices, such as clear cutting and industrial tilling.

According to this article, written by well-known eco-warriors Rose Marcario and David Bronner, the solution to this issue is for a return to traditional farming techniques that are far more gentle on the planet. Jacobs Farm del Cabo has known this since the beginning.

We started out in 1980 as Jacobs Farm, a small organic farm owned and operated by Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin. Pioneers of organic farming, we seek a return to the sustainable farming methods practiced by people for thousands of years before industrial farming.

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By Rose Marcario and David Bronner