Community Update

May 15th, 2019

Hello, Jacobs Farm at Martial Cottle Park supporters and neighbors. Many of you have been contacting us regarding the Jacobs Farm Farmstand and the status of the U-Pick, and we would like to share a community update.

Our Farmstand and U-Pick are closed for the Spring/Summer season. We will continue to expand the Jacobs Farm Pumpkin Patch in October, and we hope to relaunch the Farmstand in 2020.

Jacobs Farm still actively cultivates the land at Martial Cottle Park, and we are gearing up for robust summer production which includes marjoram, thyme, cilantro, dill, Italian parsley, dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes, garlic, and blackberries.

Stayed tuned for future updates and feel free to contact us with additional questions.

Scroll down for an inside look at planting.

Img 0779 2
We have begun planting our Dry Farmed Early Girl Tomatoes. In California, where torrential rains saturate the soil in the winter and the summers are bone-dry, our climate naturally allows for dry farming, a method where all irrigation is cut off after the plants have become established. This lack of water stresses the plant, forcing its roots deep into the soil in search of water and focuses its efforts on producing fruit. The resulting tomatoes are usually smaller and lower in yield, but pack tremendously intense flavor.
Img 0996
Tractor rolling out plastic sheeting, which helps suppress weeds and conserve water in crop production. This rows will serve as the new "home" for our Organic Marjoram.
Img 0880
Nothing like the smell of garlic on a warm San Jose day! Our organic garlic is growing strong this season.
Img 1051
We are currently growing thyme. This culinary herb thrives in hot conditions and loves full-sun.

Jacobs Farm del Cabo at Martial Cottle Park

On April 13th, Martial Cottle Park hosted it's 3rd Annual Spring Celebration!