Jacobs Farm del Cabo is Outstanding in the Field

Outstanding in the Field was founded by Jim Denevan in 1999 as a radical alternative to the conventional dining experience; rather than source ingredients for a restaurant, OITF brings their restaurant to the source! They connect diners to the origins of their food while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us: farmers, chefs, vintners, brewers and many more. Their roving restaurant without walls is rebuilt every morning and disappears every night. It is a momentary experience and a joyful celebration of human connection.

On Saturday, May 11th, 2019, Oustanding in the Field set their long table between the cherry trees at Jacobs Farm at Martial Cottle Park.

Chef Jonnatan Leiva of FullSkoop joined us in the field kitchen for a beautiful dinner with wine pairings by Trail Marker Wine Company and beer from Santa Clara County Brewing.

A big thank you to all who joined us in the field and at the table, and to Oustanding in the Field for including us in this beautiful evening.

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A beautiful table fit for kings and queens.
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180 guests dining among the Jacobs Farm cherry trees.
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Founders Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin, Domestic Field Production Manager Greg Rawlings, and Senior Sales Representative Brian Everett basking in the California sun.