Purpose Over Profit

Featured in OPN Connect Newsletter - June 9, 2020

As early pioneers in organic farming methods, organic certification, and fair trade practices, Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin co-founded Jacobs Farm in 1980 as a small organic family farm dedicated to growing fresh, high quality, delicious food without damaging the environment.

The husband and wife team wanted to offer a healthier way of farming without the use of harmful chemicals.

“During a trip to Mexico in 1985, Sandra and Larry met a community of farmers in rural Baja who were struggling to make ends meet,” said Aaron Brookes, director of sales and marketing for the company. “The following year, they helped launch the Del Cabo farming collective with eight of these farmers.”

Today, operating as Jacobs Farm del Cabo, the company’s DNA is grounded in “Healthy Soils, Healthy Plants, Healthy People.”

“To us, this is more than just a tagline—we practice what we preach,” Brookes said. “As one of the first certified organic farms, we remain passionate about our desire to benefit people, communities, and the environment for generations to come.”

In addition to offering popular herbs, Jacobs Farm prides itself on growing niche varieties that cater to an ever-growing diversity of palettes, including epazote, Makrut lime leaf, lemongrass, marjoram, sorrel and Thai basil.

“Although these may not be widely used, having this variety sets us apart from traditional herb growers,” Brookes said. “The unique relationship between California and Mexico growers allows us to provide our customers with consistently fresh organic products year-round. Our long history of growing certified organic fresh produce and a strong emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit is what sets us apart from the rest.”

For Jacobs Farm del Cabo, the goal of farming isn’t the “bottom line,” but taking care of people, crops and the earth is.

“We are committed to this and believe in promoting health from the ground up,” Brookes said. “Healthy soil produces healthy crops, which in turn promotes healthy lives. Organic farming is the best choice for farmers, their families and all the people we touch.”

Current Outlook

The growing demand for organics has fueled the company’s growth and allowed it to make a bigger impact.

“The challenge is finding the balance between growth objectives, mission and farmer returns as we expand into more price-sensitive, mainstream markets,” Brookes said.

As the weather heats up, Jacobs Farm is beginning its transition to local, ramping up on production of California-grown organic basil. Next up, Early Girls tomatoes—a seasonal, sustainably grown favorite, exclusively grown in California.

“Our Early Girl tomatoes are cultivated with sustainability in mind—only needing to be watered twice after being transplanted,” Brookes said. “This dry-farm technique is why our Early Girls are so rich in flavor. Less watering causes the plant to concentrate all the moisture and flavor into the tomato, enabling it to be loaded with nutrients and that sweet, sweet summer goodness.”

Jacobs Farm del Cabo is a company that doesn’t just care about its planet, but also its people.

“We want to ensure our people feel supported and appreciated during these stressful times,” Brookes said. “With that in mind, we assembled 250 boxes of fresh produce and non-perishable goods to distribute to our frontline staff and their families.”

The company also donated pallets of fresh, healthy, organic produce to those communities who are most vulnerable to food uncertainty.

Those at Jacobs Farm del Cabo know its mission of healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy people is more important than ever and it will continue doing what’s best for the future of our planet.

Our Story

The Del Cabo farming cooperative was launched in 1986 with the goal of helping create economic opportunities for small scale farmers in rural Baja California.