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A Visionary Approach

The Del Cabo farming cooperative was launched in 1985 with the goal of helping create economic opportunities for small scale farmers in rural Baja California. The idea of farm and community-centered production proved to be successful.

Del Cabo farmers receive training in organic growing, harvesting, and handling, as well as start-up funds, farming technology, administrative training, and consistent distribution channels, ensuring the best return for small-scale farms. Virtually all of our farms are Fair Trade certified.

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Sustaining Success

Surpassing the original vision, the Del Cabo Cooperative of farms currently spans the entire length of the Baja California peninsula and into the mainland. This collaboration between Jacobs Farm and the Baja growers provides over 1,100 farming families with a much-improved quality of life and an environmentally sustainable economic engine for farm families and their communities.

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Improving Lives

The Jacobs Farm Del Cabo partnership has helped the Baja growers raise themselves out of poverty. Once people struggling to make ends meet, the Del Cabo farmers have transformed their lives through safe farming practices and a sustainable economic model that supports their families and enriches their communities. After all, sharing and eating good food is the center of communities around the world and a common experience that unites us all.

The only thing that tastes sweeter than fresh organic produce from Del Cabo is knowing that every bite supports the people and the earth that brought it to you—today and far into the future.

Our Products

We produce over 30 varieties of organic herbs and vegetables for consumers across the USA and Canada

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