What is "Slow Food"?

Slow Food is food that’s good for us, good for the environment and good for the people.

Our farming operation has grown significantly, from a single farm in California to over 1,100 farms down the Baja Peninsula. As you can imagine, this can be overwhelming at times. Despite our growth, we have continued to consistently deliver the best, flavorful organic food in the market. How have we done this? Our relentless focus on slow food.

What it actually takes for one cherry tomato to make it to your salad is truly remarkable. Many months from seed to shelf. From a tiny little town, a tiny seed gets catered to daily, weeded by hand and harvested, sorted, packed, and shipped. Many things can go wrong along the way, but that's part of what we love. We love the journey. We put in that hard work. We nurture it along the way. We believe in healthy, organic produce and the art of farming. We believe in the art of slow food.

Our beautiful, flavorful produce speaks for itself. Putting a smile on your face is our greatest reward.